What is the Best way to learn HTML, CSS,PHP and MYSql

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When you are planning to learn html, PHP and MySql, it means you are planning to become a web developer correct ??

So let me tell you one important thing about this. To become a web developer what is important is self learning and Practising.

Lets make it more simple :

Just have a look at some online tutorials which are easy.
And then second thing is try to implement it. Please note that just looking at the tutorials will make no sense untill you implement it.You may find it tough to implement something but once you implement it, you have crossed a level in your learning
Now come to the main point, the best websites to learn these subjects.

1.Theoretical and Practice Approach

The best ever I will suggest is


Wonderful website to learn everything.They have provided online tool to practise directly on the website. So you can try it directly once you read any topic.

Another best part about this website is simple language. So you can easily understand even if you start from zero.

Now the another suggestion is to get a online video tutorials. Because visualizing something will make your life more simple.

2. Visual Learning

So here is another recommendation :

So though it has paid tutorials, but if you really look,they are quite cheaper when it is matter of learning something new and carrier oriented.

Also they do provide various offers many times. So Not a bad deal to spend some bucks to learn something special.

But make sure that you select a good tutorials. Give some time to research on the best tutorials. Check the reviews,Number of students enrolled,etc.

High cost does not mean a good tutorial.

3. Finding the solutions

We cannot miss this if you are learning web. You will definitely come across situation where you will get stuck and unable to resolve a issue to proceed further. So here comes a best ever website to find solutions for any kind of issue in web development.

4. Learning Online

If you still not confident and you need private tutor to learn and become expert in HTML,PHP,MySql,PHP Frameworks and many more at a best price. So feel free to contact us at any time. You will get the best.

Simply email us at contact@aimentechnologies.com or

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