4 Major Steps to Start Online Business From Scratch

start online business from scratch

Start Online Business From Scratch
You must have purchased many things online or you have seen your friends or relatives selling online. You must be wondering if you can start online business similarly. But you skip it just thinking that it is not your cup of tea.
We understand that not having any idea or knowledge can definitely pull you back to start something new.
So let me clear this first whether you still can start online business regardless of having any technical background or have not spend much time on internet before.

What Actually is needed to sell something online or to start a online business from scratch ?
dream for online business
So here is the answer. PASSION is the only thing which can make you to sell anything online.
I know you will not be agree with this answer. But yes, if you passion in doing something or if you have passion in certain products, it is the best thing to present your product infront of entire world.

Now lets go little technical.
I will simply create a tasklist for you so you can quickly follow it to start your online business without wasting time in providing you more knowledge which you dont need at this stage I believe.

Step 1 : Decide a product or service.

deciding product

Deciding product for starting new business

The most important step to start a online business. Now this will make my above answer more stable. While selecting a product, it will be a plus point if you already have a knowledge of a product or if you have a PASSION in certain field.
Let me clear this with an example.
Suppose you love Bikes. So what a wonderful platform for you to sell Bike’s Accessories.
Another example suppose you love to do lots of makeups. So just imagine how much you can write on makeups and explain the cosmetic products.
But still if you dont have any such previous connections, still you can manage. Select a product or service which
you feel can be earning part for you.
But always have little analysis before finalising a product.

Step 2 : Create a Online Platform for Selling your product or Service.
Now once you clear with your product/service, create a online platform like a website, Social Media accounts,Ecommerce Sites,etc.
Actually in the second step, you have to analyse and decide which platforms you will use to sell your product.
To know about various platforms, refer our another blog :

Step 3 : Showcase your products online
Very Important !! Your selling will definitely depend on how you are presenting your products in front of your customers. See getting customers on your website is not a difficult task but convincing them to purchase is a real win and it totally depends on how you are presenting your products. So make sure that you are presenting your products in front of your customers in awesome way.

Step 4 : Bringing Customers to view your products and convince them to purchase

Online Digital Marketing

Online Digital Marketing

So now you are set with your shop, now comes a part to bring customers on your shop and then to convince them to purchase. There are various sources and techniques to achieve this. Either you will have to study your own or need to consult a expert to do the job for you.

So I have mentioned briefly some major points to start a online business. But my conclusion is you can definitely do it. Another question is it really worth to start online business ? Refer our another blog to get the answer.

I know you may still not be confident to start or go ahead. Dont worry !! I have something for you.


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